Not-So-Snap Decisions

i decide
whether or not to
go to work by
entertaining imaginary
conversations w/
my mom:
i cough,
hacking phlegm
from somewhere deep
in my lungs.

that doesn’t sound so good, Bubba.
. . . . . it doesn’t feel all that great, either.
you should really consider staying home today.
. . . . . i dunno. I think you may be right.

it’s just after
5:00 a.m.
and i’ve been up for
an hour now.
water for tea is
on the stove.
i ask myself

why is going in to work so important to you?
. . . . . if i don’t go to work, then i don’t get paid.
is money more important than your health?
. . . . . i don’t know. no? well. maybe?

the water is
i walk
coughing into my
and prepare a
steaming mug
Earl Grey Milk Tea.

maybe this will open up my lungs.

it’s been
an hour now
since i woke up.


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