I Saw a Couple of People Walking, In the Dark

they talked
about important things
like the lessons
we learn in life
and how
every move is
a stab in the dark.
it’s crazy, she said.
how we are
so easily duped because
we are so eternally hopeful
like children.
& she was
right about that.
they both
knew that betrayal
the sick feeling
of knowing
something you’d never
care to admit, but
have to.
you’ll absorb
every last ounce of pain.
you’ll eat it every day
for months.
even become it. but
you’ll come out the other end.
a little wiser. a little
more skeptical.
maybe even
a little more willing
to take risks. since you know
that nothing lasts so long
as forever.
hindsight is 20/20.
YOU know.
(she knew)
it’s like i want
an illuminated path, but
there’s no such thing for any of us.
there isn’t.
the real steps are
all accidents, and guesses.


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