On Memories of Sushi

the morning
is starting out like
any other
i suppose: me
this chair
the coffee at my left elbow
my friend, the lamp.

takes me to a sushi bar.

she wanted me
to try something new.
order anything, i tell her.
it’s all new to me.
so she gets
this egg sushi stuff, some
spicy tuna, and eel.

i try some
of everything, as expected.

the egg sushi
wasn’t half bad, actually.
i enjoyed
the spicy tuna. eel
surprised me, like very tender
i didn’t like the octopus.

(it tasted like
nothing and had the consistency

of rubber.)
i made the mistake
of saying so.
she crinkled her face dis-
you really are picky, aren’t you?

that should have
been a sign. (it was our first date.)

back in my
room, i can’t help but
laugh and shake
my head.
sometimes you
just make the darndest mistakes of
we dated for nearly a year

before i finally
caught the hint. (and dumped her ass.)


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