There is No Such Thing As Pure Love (Except in Some Cases)

there are some memories in life
you recall with amazement and

think, did this really ever happen?
(even though you know full well

that it really did.)

when i was 17, i ran away from
my family with a then-girlfriend

& made a mess of a lot of things
by the stunt. after i was caught,

my uncle picked

me up from the police station
while my dad drove all the way

from Ohio to pick me up in NJ
(just to turn around and drive

immediately back.)

when we arrived at my new
home in the mid-west, i walked

into a kitchen expecting penalty,
but found, instead, my mom. she

stood there, looking

a little angry and a little sad and
like maybe she’d been crying, but

she never said a single word that
i can recall, just looked at me hard

then walked over…
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and hugged me.


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