Learning Hard Lessons of Self-Respect for the First Time Again

you’re the most interesting person i know, Hannah told me as we sat at the bar of The Cornerstone Brewery in Berea, OH eyeing wrinkled menus.

i looked down at my hands, then over at the door behind her, then finally into her eyes. how can you say that? i asked.

because it’s true. you have been for as long as i’ve known you, she said.

just a night or two before my girlfriend had told me that i was boring, a lame-ass bitch, and that all of her friends agreed, always asking her why she wasted her time on a guy like me.

you deserve better, Tim. you know that, right? Hannah again.

i wanted to tell her to stop talking, and i wanted to tell her to never stop talking, but instead i just lifted a finger to hail the bartender, and then ordered us each a drink.


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