Sometimes You Miss Things Even Before They’re Gone

it was while
moving coffee mugs
from the dishwasher
to the cupboard
that i broke down
realizing that
when i leave this house
there won’t be
any more of these
little surprises &
alone at my place
in Arizona there
won’t be the
every-day row of
coffee mugs just waiting:
one for mom
one for dad &
one for me beside
the spoons and sugar.
and as i continue
to empty the
dishwasher, i can
hear my mom’s
voice scolding me
gently, saying:

Timothy, you didn’t need
to do that, this is my job!

then thanking me
profusely like always.
and it makes me think
that i would
stay here forever
if i could, but i know that
it’s time
to move on, but i know that
it won’t be easy.


coffee mugs


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