Receiving Angry Messages In the Dark of a Turbulent Night

it’s 2:48 AM.
and i am awakened.
by the sound of the buzz of my phone.
vibrating once.
on the face.
of the wooden nightstand.
to the left of my bed.
i roll over.

i had been dreaming.
but am not unhappy.
to have departed that.
cold world:
on ice.
up and up a snow-covered.
mountain pass.

something in me.
told me.
i would never make it.
if i did.
i’d not ever.
come back down.
something in me kept on.
driving. pushing. hoping.
all the same.

but now awake:
this waking could be.
for all of its cruel absurdity.
the kind of dream.
you wish to.
as the wind outside.
shakes this house.

as the fledgling mid-night moment.
shakes me.
nothing feels the same.
in the dark.
as in light.

and the scene of the day.
is altered. altered. altered.
by lurching echoing tremors.
of night.


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