Pondering the Potential of Important Things Changing, And How It’s Been Always Your Fault

you don’t read
as much as you once did
but you don’t write as much now, either

the truth is
life took a huge leap
forward, and dragged you along for the ride

you say, “dragged”
but you know these decisions
were your own and you feel good about them, too

yeah, you were
one place doing one thing
& now you’re someplace else doing something new

the grass may not
be greener, but the air is
warmer here, steps ahead of where you were

you drink coffee
from a white mug with your
name on it and stare at the two back legs
of a chair across the room while
writing this poem

15 minutes
from now, you’ll leave for work
and then anything – really, anything – might happen

after that.


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