The Point is to Never Get Stuck When You Have the Choice to Be Moving

it was the sort of thing you
just know you mean
when you say it
through the liquor store
she asked me, should we get the
one we know or try something new?
we looked at all the bottles
and their designs and
now it was down
to this.

so i walked up to the black bottle with
the spidery silver textured
and said: this one
because she had been
eyeing it and because it said INTENSE.

when you’re deciding between
the norm and deviating
from the norm,
i told her:

always deviate.

so we
walked up
to the registers,
me carrying the weight of this
glass experiment, then split
the cost: she paid half
with a card
as i
fished a twenty from my wallet.
later, we told the story
twice, because it
felt good to
do that.


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