The Zen of Cooking on a Tuesday Night

the whole idea is not having one,
is moving with unresolved explosions of doubt,
is adding without option of subtracting,
of editing, of caution, of regret.

you set out on the trust of experimentation:
a mission of no-mission, the goal an unknown.
you go forward forward forward where there is
no reversal: faster faster, forward only forward.

they’ll say, you must have put a lot of thought into it.
but you do not.

you act.

free of intention. you guess, you estimate, you stir.
and then, in the end: you taste.
the results will be what they are, good or bad;
but whatever they are, they are yours, only yours.

nothing will ever be quite the same.
no other road will lead here.
you have your secret.
taste it.


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