Feet of Ink on Pages of Time

. . . . . . . and what is that, exactly?

all i know is what it’s called. and that it’s new, and interesting.

. . . . . . . do you have to do EVERYTHING you’ve never done?

maybe not everything. but probably almost.

. . . . . . . why?

because it seems a shame not to. it seems a shame to pass this life with stones unturned.

. . . . . . . why is that so important to you?

there is a sadness to admitting, “i have not”. i think i’d like to feel as much as i can stand. i think i like to feel afraid, to face the form of fear and watch it wilt, to step through fear like smoke.

. . . . . . . what are you trying to prove?

look, we’re feet of ink on pages of time, i must become the myth.

. . . . . . . so you live for the thrill of novel experience?

all that we pass passes also for good, i won’t bear the regret of “if only”. i’d like to be the type of man called fearless, i wish to look upon my time with pride.

. . . . . . . is this not a shallow view?

it is not.


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